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<br> Book homepage
<br> Book homepage
Until now the only book about FFmpeg listed on the page of official documentation
Book is part of FFmpeg official documentation
<br>e-mail: please use [[Contact]]
<br>e-mail: please use [[Contact]]

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Green Living certification.

Name: Frantisek Korbel
Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 5.5
Work: webdesigner, webmaster, network administrator, translator
author of the book FFmpeg Basics Book homepage Book is part of FFmpeg official documentation
e-mail: please use Contact

Brainbech certifications






Certificates older than 3 years are not in public transcript.

Supporting webs for NABUUR Global Neighbour Network

Other webs

MikroTik Router OS Theory certificate
MikroTik Router OS Practise certificate
First Aid Core Knowledge certificate
Network Technical Support certif.
XML certificate
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